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Saturday, July 14, 2012

HAYDOM CULTURAL FESTIVALS KUFANYIKA mwezi September 2012 Haydom Cultural Center

Haydom Four Corners Cultural Programme

P.o. Box 9002 Haydom, Mbulu- Manyara - Tanzania
Haydom Lutheran Hospital (HLH) has since its inception in 1954 focused on covering both the medical, developmental and human needs of the people it serves. The hospital is situated in Manyara region, 300 kilometers from Arusha and covers an immediate catchment area of more than 500,000 people in the districts of Mbulu, Hanang and Iramba. Given the location of HLH within the pastorolist and farming in the communities  with few and  poor public services , the  extended  catchment area of the hospital covers more than 2 Million people and includes Karatu, Babati, Singida, Meatu and Bariadi districts in Arusha, Manyara, Singida and Shinyanga regions respectively.
For close to three generations HLH has concentrated on creating a comprehensive program of health and well being for the four distinct ethno-linguistic groups that inhabit its catchment area. The HLH catchment area is unique in the sense that this is the only area in Africa where all the four main ethno-linguistic groups of the continent (Bantu, Khoisans, Nilotics and Cushitic) meet in one place. Each of these groups has a distinct language, culture, historical understanding and mode of resource utilization. The challenges now facing these four groups are escalating as the populations grow and resources are getting scarce; the cultures that existed before lived in coexistence due to diverging interest and use of land; are now in danger of moving into conflict both over land issues and over historical and cultural understanding of their rights.

Providing equal developmental opportunities and securing equal rights to land, education and health under the law and initiatives based on their cultural and historical understanding are therefore essential to conserving the elements critical to the identity of each of these ethno-linguistic groups.  These challenges and others of the same nature are addressed through the Haydom Four Corners Cultural Program. The purpose of the program is to develop a program of cultural celebration and co-existence that is based soundly on securing rights to land, education and health, and on the preservation of culture and language and the development of a shared vision for regional cooperation and peaceful coexistence among these four different groups.

The H4CCP is organizing the Haydom Cultural Festivals which is scheduled to take place in September 2012 at Haydom Cultural Centre; bringing together the four main languages groups with what could be termed as the fifth group which is the institutions, organizations and companies. These entities have their operations in Haydom catchment area either directly or indirectly, or their operations have direct or indirect impacts on the Haydom and the nearby districts with the aim of promoting their coexistence with the society and celebrating their unique diversity.

Traditionally most of the festivals, exhibitions and fairs are staged in urban areas such as Arusha and Dar es Salaam while the target groups for such events are mainly in rural communities. For this reasons, we aim to stage the Cultural Festivals, the first of its own kind to be hosted in the rural Tanzania, giving the rural population opportunity to integrate with various exhibitors while they celebrate their cultural values including the traditional artifacts shows, traditional dance performances and competition, cultural film shows and half marathon!

The proposed festival will have the following impact on the community:
·         Not only people of their own culture but people from other cultures get an open opportunity to understand and realize the sublimities of the glorious traditions of Culture. Hence, the prestige and pride of people are enhanced and expanded in the outer world.

·         It opens a new prospect for the due recognition of arts, artifacts and artists in the society. This expands opportunities for cultural exchanges
·         People have occasions to understand the varied cultures of other groups and assess their own.
·         The importance of the Festivals can be realized in terms of national economy also, since this can be an endeavor to expand and explore market for arts and artifacts.
·         This is an opportunity to attract more investment into rural areas by the widening of opportunities for export of the art and handicraft pieces

·         Incentives from different cultures and institutions can encourage people engaged in various areas of culture to dedicate themselves more in the development and promotion of culture. It does not only give new life to the cultural traditions and art and preventing it from being obscured but will also give employment opportunities to the artists.

·         It can help in establishing cultural democracy in the nation’s political context strengthening National Social integration

The scheduled of cultural festival will last for three days which will be comprised of traditional dance show; traditional dance competition; trade fairs/exhibitions and half Marathon run. There will be one day before the festival for preparations and one day after for evacuating the grounds.

The Festival invites participants from the general public together with private institutions, organizations and companies that see and value the rural population as their target audience and desire to reach them to communicate and sell their products and/or services. It will provide a platform for exhibitors to display their products and/or services and bring the target audience to the festivals in the most effective way while providing smooth an interface between the exhibitors and the audience.

H4CCP is an organization based on the initiatives, active engagement and ownership of the ethno-linguistic groups and as such it presents the participants with possibilities for a direct and competent dialogue with the rural population in Haydom.

All individuals, organizations, institutions and corporate who see this as an indispensable opportunity  are welcome to not only explore and reach the rural population but also as the means of giving back to the rural community. Rural community has for years been marginalized and Haydom Cultural Festival is envisioned to address this by providing the platform to communicate with this important population and hence fostering the national development. The local population will benefit directly and indirectly in so many ways during and after the Festival as the supporting services such as accommodation, meals and transport will be provided from the locals. It is the H4CCP utmost faith that, after the festival, there will be contacts established between the participants, sponsors and the audience hence creating the mutual benefits for all the parties in the long run.

Who knows! This might be another opportunity that will open more doors for social and economic benefits to the target communities both to individuals and the society as a whole.

For More Information Please Contact
Amani Paul Nanagi
Haydom Cultural Festivals
P. O. Box 9002, Haydom-Manyara
Tel: +255 784 238 225/718 431 991/762 395 424

Eliminata Awet
Assistant Coordinator
Haydom Four Corners Cultural Programme
Haydom Cultural Festivals
P. O. Box 9002, Haydom-Manyara

      Anna Kari Evjen Olsen
     Haydom Four Corners Cultural Program
     Haydom Cultural Festivals
     P. O. Box 9002, Haydom-Manyara


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    Najaribu kufikiri ni namna gani naweza kushiriki.

    Niko nje ya Haydom lakini nimependa sana hii issue;

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